• Here's a recent Snap Synapse mailbox question from an Instructional Designer regarding the use of recorded music in a webinar: "A company wants to use pre-1972 music in a webcast meeting. Have you ever tackled the pre-/ post-1972 copyright issue as it applies to music?" It's a great question! The issue here is that prior to February 15th, 1972, there was no Federal Copyright protection for recorded music. Crazy, huh? But make no mistake, this does NOT mean it's fair game to use any music prior to that date. As we understand it, there are still state and international protections that can extend to pre-1972 recordings in many cases. Here’s an article on the subject you might find helpful: https://futureofmusic.org/blog/2014/02/11/whats-deal-pre-72-copyrights And just

    Oct 10,
  • People reach out to Snap Synapse for all sorts of things all the time. We recently received a message from a former workshop attendee looking for recommendations on how to capture decent quality audio from a live event for a video recording of that event: Thanks for the recommendation on the light kit.  Got it on Amazon and I now have 2 girls that want to do makeup videos for you tube. Now what have I done???? ;) I've been asked to shoot some video for work and need a recommendation for a way to capture sound in an open meeting room.  We are doing a "shark tank" like presentation session in front of about 200-300 people in a conference space.

    Sep 12,
  • People reach out to Snap Synapse for all sorts of things all the time. We recently received a message from someone looking for recommendations on what headset/mic to buy: Hello, I’ve attended several of your webinars and have attend your sessions at DevLearn and you’ve shared a ton of great information. Do you have any recommendations on a headset with mic to be used for virtual training deliveries and/or recordings for elearning? Thank you in advance. Amy You can ask us questions like this anytime. Chances are that, like Amy, you'll get a response like this one back within the day: Hey Amy! Glad you’ve been picking up what we're putting out there, and thanks for reaching out :) For

    Jul 21,
  • Here at Snap Synapse, we're always trying new things. The start of a bright, fresh, and clean new year (Happy New Year, btw!) is a fantastic time to a review of the success/failure of all our efforts. We find it's most effective to break things out into: Intentions = what we thought would happen Results = what actually did happen Learnings = what we learned from what happened Decisions = how we're going to act differently in the future as a result Do you have an annual review process? Any tips on how we could do this better, or what about this inspires you? Let us know! The Paid Work Snap Synapse is a provider of consulting services in the

    Jan 02,
  • Some people claim that multiple choice questions are a bad idea. But just because a tool can be misused doesn't make that tool bad. Multiple choice assessments can be very valuable if done right, and they do happen to be the standard in all forms of testing and surveying, anyway. So let's make them correctly, shall we? Here's a quick summary of my 15+ years of experience on how to do that: Have 4-5 answer options. No less, no more (and NO True/False). Link every question to a specific learning objective or behavioral outcome. Know exactly what are you measuring, and why, and how. Expect the question and answer take 20% of your design time, and writing effective distractors that

    Dec 12,

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