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Our mission is to turn complexity into simplicity and make boring stuff fun.

  1. We specialize in making, managing, and measuring experiences people actually learn from
    • 🎓 certification programs
    • 🏛 corporate academies
    • 💻 webinars & virtual trainings
    • 🤷 support at scale & automations
    • 🚓 heavily-regulated industries
    • rapidly-scaling organizations
    • 🤓 learning system integrations
  2. We offer upskilling for Learning & Development Professionals
    • 🤠 behavior design & usability
    • 📊 learning data & analytics
    • 🎬 audio & video production
    • 📈 change & project management
    • 📦 design workflow & content lifecycle
  3. We provide content marketing for EdTech and L&D audiences
    • 📖 trade magazine articles
    • 😍 ghostwriting blog posts
    • 🔀 multi-channel engagement campaigns


What we deliver:


A dozen of the clients we've delivered for:

I highly recommend Snap Synapse for taking a problem solving attitude, performing under tight deadlines, and really thinking big.

- Julio Herrera, Global Training Manager, YouTube

Snap Synapse tackles the big, messy learning issues that few other partners can or will, and manages to consistently deliver creative solutions that suprise and delight!

- Rachel Horwitz, Global Learning & Development Manager, Convatec

Snap Synapse is always focused, organized, and driven -- while being relaxed and easy going A rare combination to find these days.

- Brent Schlenker, Corporate Training Learning & Development Strategies, DominKnow

Whenever I'm stuck on a problem that requires deep technical expertise, strong business instincts, big-picture creativity, and generous empathy, I reach out to Snap Synapse.

- Toddi Norum, Business Development Training Manager, BAE Systems

What strikes me about Snap Synapse is the approach, analyzing a problem from several perspectives, evaluating potential outcomes and creating a dynamic path towards a solution. Strong creativity here is non-obvious, but this brings about equitable solutions that are not just adequate but often highly appropriate for the problem domain and equitable for all involved.

- Mark Lassoff, President and CEO, LearnToProgram.TV

Snap Synapse helped me develop the skills to transition from a small employer to one with hundreds of thousands scattered across the planet. My training materials now have a truly global audience.

- Neil Zielsdorf, Instructional Designer, Amazon