Complex to Simple. Boring to Fun!

About Snap Synapse

As the pace of change continues to increase all around us, it puts pressure on everyone to get more done with less, and in even less time. We can help! By surfacing core concepts from within the chaos, automating as possible, documenting as needed, and producing results that inevitably turn out to be much more fun than anyone expected, we forge the kind of undeniable success that raises the bar on what you & your team can deliver.

another client pleased "Snap Synapse helped us work through complex learning challenges with speed and efficiency. The rigorous approach to assessment and data analysis helped us improve processes, make smart decisions, and generate business impact more quickly and effectively than we ever could have on our own."

- RACHEL HORWITZ, Global L&D Director, Convatec

Why choose us?

With every engagement, we strive to move our clients from Complex to Simple, and from Boring to Fun! But what does that actually mean, in practice? Some examples:

another client pleased"Snap Synapse is always focused, organized, and driven -- while being relaxed and easy going. It's a rare combination to find these days."

- BRENT SCHLENKER, Corporate Learning & Development Strategies, DominKnow


We love helping people learn faster and better than their competition, and we've been doing just that for clients across a broad array of industries for 20 years now. From ATD to ADP, DelMonte Foods to Deloitte, National 4-H Council to Robert Half International, Silicon Valley Bank to CapitalOne, Runbuggy to Sunrun, to a little company called Google 😉

Will you be next? Reach out if you're interested.

another client pleased “Snap Synapse did some challenging work for us as we were standing up our HR organization. The strong eLearning and overall learning technological skills were very helpful in our strategy we choose and implemented at AAA NCNU."

- JANE GIRE, Senior Learning & Performance Manager, AAA of Northern California, Nevada, & Utah


When it comes to creating learning assets of any flavor, we can cook! Here are a few examples:

So whether it's creating courses or designing immersive experiences, developing certification programs or skills academies, evaluating production workflows or implementing learning ecosystems, speaking truth to leadership or telling compelling stories with data, upskilling in-house teams or educating partners & customers, we've done it before and we can save you from many beginners mistakes and common pitfalls.

We believe in keeping up on best practices, and we do. But before deploying anything, we test to see what works best for your use case and the people you serve. Our specialty is finding the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to confirm that a learning solution is working before scaling it up or sending it out.

another client pleased "Snap Synapse managed multiple projects and made all stakeholders feel that their project was the only project...rapidly creating visually stunning prototypes, and through feedback bringing those prototypes to finished products on time and on budget."

- LEE RODRIGUES, Senior Manager, Learning and Performance Support, Sunnova Energy


Snap Synapse was born in 2004 in the San Francisco Bay Area. For our first decade, we helped clients large & small with their Instructional Design, Productivity, and Web Design needs.

From 2013-2023, we took a more active roll within the L&D Community. Our work focused on Learning Media Production, Systems Integrations, Change Management, and dealing with the Data that drives the business forward.

Now, for our next decade, we're helping lead the charge on Learning Ecosystem Design, Habit Structuring, Global Training Standards & Ontologies, and Intelligence Automation. Join us as we intercept the future!

About Sam Rogers, President & Principal Consultant

another client pleased “Full of practical and quickly applicable information. He was fantastic and kept me interested and edutained every second."

- attendee anonymously raving about Sam Rogers' DevLearn pre-conference workshop

Sam Rogers is the President and Principal Consultant at Snap Synapse LLC. He enjoys creatively bridging gaps between technology and people, and between information and actual learning. He's passionately curious, and cares deeply about finding real-world solutions people will use. With expertise as a Senior Instructional Designer, eLearning Developer, Video eLearning Producer, LMS Integrations Specialist, ILT Facilitator, and Learning Ecosystems Architect, Sam brings an integrated perspective to all things Learning & Development. Sam is also a writer, producer, and performer for stage and screen, and has toured the world as a professional musician.

Follow him on LinkedIn, where he's been awarded Top Employee Training Voice and Top E-Learning Voice, and posts content frequently. He is also a: