Services we offer

Introductory Packages

Caring about what you do is critical! But anyone who spends too much time so close to their work can lose perspective at times.

With these Introductory Packages, Snap Synapse helps to 🎯illuminate your next target,🎯 showing where biggest strategically-aligned bang for your buck is, scoped to your most immediate need.

We can then more effecively guide you through the delivery effort just as little as you need or as much as you want, or we can refer you within our network of partners, or empower your internal team to take this and run with it!

eLearning Evaluation

Have a sample course package from your library quietly & professionally reviewed, rated, and receive recommendations for future enhancements.

Buy now for $995 Single online course evaluation includes:

  • virtual meetings (intake, findings)
  • assess current state
  • learning content map
  • learner engagement diagram
  • enhancement recommendations

Training Program Evaluation

Get a private but thorough assessment and mapping for a training program of your choice, along with any related reporting. (Temporary user login to your learning delivery system is required.)

Buy now for $1995 One blended learning initiative / curriculum evaluation includes:

  • 3 virtual meetings (intake, ideation, findings)
  • assess current state
  • learner engagement diagram
  • learning analytics benchmarking
  • enhancement recommendations

Learning Ecosystem Evaluation

Receive a full value stream mapping of your existing Learning Technology infrastructure & workflow, with pain points captured from your team and ranked by ours. Includes documentation of your existing learning taxonomy or ontology, and team roles. (Requires conversations with your learning team & product owners/support.)

Buy now for $3995 Full learning delivery infrastructure / tech stack evaluation includes:

  • 4 virtual meetings (intake, tech team, training team, findings)
  • assess current state
  • development workflow map with pain points
  • taxonomy/ontology benchmarking
  • enhancement recommendations


Learning Ecosystem Essentials

With this 1hr video course, you'll form a comprehensive overview of Learning Technology platforms and workflows, and gain the context you'll need to seize new opportunities while avoiding common pitfalls. This training breaks down industry jargon and is ideal for those starting a new role or working with a new team, such as:

Now available on the LRNonline platform, in collaboration with eLearning Industry & Central Knowledge. Register today!

Just Do The Thing: A Guide

Productivity is the bedrock of all our work. This unique approach to doing was formerly a paid product on Amazon, but is now available here as a FREE downloadable ePub.

LMS Trainings (coming soon!)

We're working on our next video learning courses to build upon the groundwork laid with Learning Ecosystem Essentials. These trainings draw from our decades of experience in launching, migrating, re-implementing, integrating, and customizing Learning Management Systems for Internal Employee Training, Partner Certification Programs, Customer Education, and even K-12. Like many systems migrations, it's more work than some in your organization might think, but when done right, it's far less work than you may fear!

Hourly Consulting

We also provide consulting by the hour on an ongoing or one-off basis for the following needs:

"Snap Synapse helped me develop the skills to transition from a small employer to one with hundreds of thousands scattered across the planet. My training materials now have a truly global audience."

- NEIL ZIELSDORF, Technical Instructional Designer, Amazon