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Helping clients large and small with their scalable learning needs since 2004

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What We Do

Our mission is to turn complexity into simplicity and make boring stuff fun.

another client pleased "I highly recommend Snap Synapse for taking a problem solving attitude, performing under tight deadlines, and really thinking big."

- JULIO HERRERA, Global Training Manager, YouTube

  1. We specialize in making, managing, and measuring experiences people actually learn from
    • 🎓 certification programs
    • 🏛 corporate academies
    • 🖥 webinars & virtual trainings
    • 🎮 immersive & gamified learning experiences
    • 🤷 support at scale & automations
    • 🤓 learning system integrations
  2. We make it easy to get started with Learning Evaluation Packages scaled to your most immediate needs
  3. We offer upskilling experiences for Learning & Development Professionals
    • 🤠 behavior design & usability
    • 🤖 AI, LLMs, & chatbots/agents
    • 📊 learning data & analytics
    • 🎬 audio & video production
    • 📈 change & project management
    • 📦 design workflow & content lifecycle
    • 💪 coaching & mentoring
  4. We provide content marketing for EdTech and L&D audiences
    • 📖 trade magazine articles
    • 😍 ghostwriting blog posts
    • 🔀 multi-channel engagement campaigns

Work With Us

Sam Rogers on LinkedIn "Whenever I'm stuck on a problem that requires deep technical expertise, strong business instincts, big-picture creativity, and generous empathy, I reach out to Snap Synapse."

- TODDI NORUM, Business Development Training Manager, BAE Sysems

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