What We Do

Snap Synapse exists to solve problems. If you have some, we should talk. Click here to contact us.

We provide:

  • Learning ecosystem design and implementation
  • Customized standards and workflows for full-lifecycle information/training management
  • Learning Management System (LMS) migrations & integrations
  • eLearning content creation (online courses, video training, supporting reference material)
  • *** Transition of live trainings & events to online delivery ***
  • Workshops and ongoing support for your team to level up what they do (live/virtual)
  • Facilitated Mastermind Groups, Coaching/Mentoring, & Tiger Teams for leading cultural change within your organization

We also contribute to the Learning & Development community frequently, providing: conference keynotes, workshops, sessions, hosted discussions, guest panels, articles, blog posts, podcasts, livestreams, webinars, and more. Click here for our upcoming events or here for a list of previous events.

Here are some examples of problems we’ve solved for other clients:

Google & YouTube logos

How do we scale our certification program from 1,000 participants in the last 2 years to 10,000 people globally?
We answered that question for YouTube/Google by creating the first YouTube Certified Online training, standing up an LMS, certification exam, and community engagement plan in the process.

How do we move our 20K+ course library from our old LMS to this new one we know little about within 2-3 months?
We answered that question for ADP by managing their learning content migration and creating a new learning delivery workflow & architecture for their employee training.

Sunrun logo

How do we ramp up our new retail sales associates faster, so they can get out and start selling more effectively with less training time?
We answered that question for Sunrun (the largest residential solar installer in the US) by overhauling their retail sales onboarding blended training program.

How do we get all of our learning content into our new LMS and know that it will work and all the old records will migrate over so people get the appropriate credit?
We answered that question for Robert Half International (a global staffing firm) by helping implement Cornerstone OnDemand.

AAA logo

How do we get our existing cashiers to use our new policies & procedures?
We answered that question by developing courses & documentation for AAA.

How do we get everyone up and running on our new software fast (and by the way it isn’t finished yet)?
We answered that question by recording heavily customized interactive demos for Silicon Valley Bank — who continued to alter their software without needed to retrain their people.

How do we just get our compliance training out to people and track everything we need for audit with no budget to speak of?
We answered that question by implementing & maintaining a local instance of Moodle for Interthinx within their company firewall, circumventing the rounds of approvals needed for a cloud-hosted LMS provider.

Munger Tolles & Olsen

How do we make sense of all this mess of YouTube Analytics data we got in discovery to be able to argue this case effectively?
We answered that question for Brinks, Gilson, & Lione as part of a lawsuit involving Alticor/Amway and the major record labels. And again for Munger, Tolles & Olsen as part of litigation between a songwriter and The Walt Disney Company. For more information on our Expert Witness services, click here.

How do we customize this LMS to be able to manage the complexities of NASBA CPE credits for our internal & external learners?
We answered that question for Protiviti by creating, documenting, and maintaining several customizations to their LMS (Cornerstone OnDemand).

How do we teach our admins & learners to use our fancy new LMS?
We answered that question for Del Monte Foods with a Train The Trainer series of recorded webinars, and strategically short learner workflow videos & documentation for their Saba LMS migration.

How do we explain NodeJS to people who may already know a bit about Javascript but don’t understand NodeJS at all?
We answered that question for StrongLoop with a series of fun videos that demystified the way that Javascript and NodeJS work.

How do we get our distributed and sometimes competitive training team to rally behind a common vision and our common LMS?
We answered that question for AgCredit Bank and all their subsidiaries with a keynote address at their annual meeting that enabled their participants to work together in ways they had never considered before.


How do we get our new consultants up to speed on our internal systems?
We answered that question for Deloitte by developing interactive tutorials & tests they deployed to both assess and support their new consultants, giving them the training they need and allowing them to skip what they had mastered elsewhere.

Wiseman Group

How do we optimize our website and training to best enable our community engagement?
We answered that question for The Wiseman Group (the company behind the best-selling book “Multipliers”) by steering them away from an LMS purchase and instead building out the functionality and metrics of their existing CMS.

How do we get people to engage with our online content and sign up for our new offerings?
We answered that question with an integrated social marketing & analytics plan for Common Craft, the company that invented the modern explainer video.

John Muir Health

How do we ensure that our clinical staff gets compliant and stays that way?
We answered that question for John Muir Health with content creation and LMS customizations specifically designed for their unique regulatory needs.

So…what questions do you have?
Reach out and ask us!

How we can do this for you

As you can see, we make the complex parts simple and the boring stuff way more fun! How that happens in your case depends on what you’re up for.

  • We can explain things to your new or existing employees in a way that makes sense to them and that they can put to practice immediately.
  • We can design changes so that there’s less to go wrong as a matter of workflow, and more that you can measure with meaningful metrics.
  • We can implement systems that support your bottom line, removing the technical pieces of the puzzle that never quite fell into place, and replacing them with stuff that just works.