Scalable Certification Program Creation

YouTube Certified

Google & YouTube logosGoogle had a problem. Their vitally-important YouTube Partners didn’t understand how to use YouTube’s complex backend systems. They were relying on classroom training to certify such professionals, but were only training about 1,000 professionals a year.

I solved this problem by developing 90 videos in eight weeks thereby creating the YouTube Certified Online training program. During the following year, nearly 10,000 professionals took the training, a 10-fold increase.

I scripted and directed most of the videos, recorded/edited a handful of them, made the initial video that set the standard for the team of editors and 100+ videos that followed, led the production team, co-led the post-production team, then implemented the LMS (Litmos) , uploaded all the content to it, and built out all the behind-the-scenes stuff that makes it all work.

For a little more of the story (and some lessons learned) visit my article for eLearning Industy What I Learned Producing 90 eLearning Videos In 8 Weeks At Google.