Podcasting & Livestreaming

Moderating Panel

If you need an great host, an engaging guest, or a capable moderator for your podcast, livestream, or live/online event, look no further than Sam Rogers of Snap Synapse.

Whether it’s moderating a panel of diverse voices for The Alchemy Lab, providing one of the most listened to interviews on Learning Now Radio, or finding, prepping, and hosting guest after fantastic weekly guest for TLDCast, he is confident and capable. A more complete list of appearances is available here.

Drawing upon his background as a live performer, director, and producer, Sam provides a safe environment for community connections and independent thought. Not one to rely solely upon his performance and people skills, he does his homework for every guest and for every appearance. When it looks like everything is flowing effortlessly, it’s because of all the work that went on behind the scenes in advance. When everything falls apart due to a last minute change or technology malfunction, there are few who will be cooler under pressure, more playfully helpful, or more resourceful at quickly resolving issues.

As part of the team that created the YouTube Certified livestreams for YouTube and the creator of The Ultimate L&D Podcast Guide, Sam knows his stuff when it comes to these and many other forms of media. Still, he values people before technology, quality of discussion over like-minded agreement, and empowering others over shining in the spotlight.