LMS Customizations

Robert Half International needed to upgrade to an enterprise-class LMS to better deliver and track training for their globally distributed workforce. After signing a contract with Cornerstone OnDemand, one of their subsidiaries (Protiviti) discovered that there were no built-in options to track CPE credits or the all important completion certificates in accordance with the National Association of the State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) requirements, no ability to track approvals in a matrix organization, and other such issues that they deemed business critical.

I was brought in to rescue the quickly deteriorating relations between the client and the vendor.

I clarified the end goal of the client and translated the needs to the vendor, then requested changes to allow for the creation of highly modified certificates, created the specifications/workflow and custom method of tracking CPE credits, configured an intricate organizational structure, and a unique assignment & approval structure along with appropriate communications that would work for both the parent company and all subsidiaries. To support the initial rollout of the LMS and subsequent rollouts across companies, regions, and external audiences, I ended up providing customization and workflow design services to buffer between the vendor & client for several years.

Due to the sunsetting of Saba’s self-hosted LMS offering, Del Monte Foods needed to overhaul their processes to leave their in-house (and unsupported and buggy) customizations behind and leapfrog several versions forward to the newest instance of the Saba LMS.

Though I was initially brought in simply to provide Train-The-Trainer video content and webinars for their staff, I ended up creating custom CSS that masked many of the more troublesome features for their users, and enhanced the administration functions in ways that Saba themselves later adopted. In this case, while the technical work behind the “customizations” was fairly easy, to the client this was all magic voodoo. The vendor knew of their pain points and had never offered to soothe them. My simple display changes and hand-holding support meant that the product adoption across the organization was much faster than anticipated.

GreenPoint Mortgage and their parent company NorthFork Financial were being acquired by CapitalOne just as the mortgage boom was turning to bust. The market was changing rapidly as were the regulations. Suddenly, the accuracy of learning content and timeliness of reporting was business critical for the merger.

I was tasked with creating a system to track reusable learning objects so that the near-daily changes happening in the loan origination system could be reflected across all courses consistently at agile sprint speeds. I hand-coded the front end of the tracking system and built the database that ran off daily extracts from the SumTotal LCMS, integrating the identifiers for the LMS instances of content for reporting reconciliation. I also made countless tweaks to the LMS code itself to allow for requested client modifications and integrations with other services.