Livestreaming, Webinars, & Online Events

During the Coronavirus pandemic, any of us with qualified experience moving trainings & events online are getting tapped for info constantly. But few people have the range of experience that we do here at Snap Synapse.

  • Producing livestreams from YouTube HQ for their YouTube Certified partners
  • Multicam video production & online community management for the entire Training, Learning, & Development Conference
  • Presenting dozens of webinars for ATD, The eLearning Guild, Training MagNetwork, and several other training organizations
  • Teaching & coaching one-on-one online since 2008
  • Facilitating highly-engaged online mastermind groups every week for years
  • Co-producing & cohosting a livestream show

Platforms? Yes! You name ’em.

  • Zoom
  • Adobe Connect
  • WebinarJam
  • / Vimeo
  • Google Hangouts / Meetings
  • YouTube Live
  • Facebook Live
  • LinkedIn Live
  • Periscope
  • Skype & Skype for Business
  • SlingStudio
  • OBS
  • Crowdcast
  • WebEx
  • On24
  • WebinarNinja
  • GoToWebinar

After a while, frankly all these platforms start to look alike. They each do pretty much the same thing, just in different ways. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses and gotchas, and since you don’t want to be the one making beginner’s mistakes with everyone watching, it’s good to call in someone with expertise and a high threshold for chaos.

Our expertise goes far beyond troubleshooting technical issues or helping users navigate a new platform, we produce engaging and interactive events by design. People on screen need to be prepped to give their best. Lighting and audio need to be tested. Failsafes and backups are needed. Someone with live theater and live television production experience knows this, and at Snap Synapse, we’ve got that under our belt too.

Unlike many other such live video professionals, we’ve specialized in those secured “behind the firewall” kinds of delivery. Which unfortunately means that the best examples are not ones we can show. But here are some examples from the L&D Talk show that I co-produced and cohosted (along with Brent Schlenker). Our rather informal “Video Friday” livestream was so popular with fellow L&D Professionals that it continued to live across 3 different shows over the next four years.