Global Braintrust for L&D Best Practices

In late 2017, I assembled 30 experts in the Learning & Development field from a diverse array of industries, geographies, and interests. Representatives from video to VR, from standards to usability, gamification and microlearning, from cognitive development to artificial intelligence, came together to forge this new approach for creating and administering digital learning assets for the benefit of the entire eLearning industry. I facilitated all our meetings and led the entire project.

The Digital Learning Asset Framework is the result, which was released under Creative Commons license and announced at the 2018  Training, Learning, & Development Conference. It describes the smallest indivisible units of media that comprise modern learning experiences and defines a higher standard. The Framework addresses current issues surrounding the creation and administration of learning, and was intended to evolve and grow along with collective understandings within the eLearning industry. Unfortunately, though it was specifically designed to complement standard models for the development, delivery, and evaluation of training — it was not generally perceived that way.


Due to lack of traction, version 1.0 was the only version released. But the the podcasts, webinars, livestreams, handouts, jumpstarts and other assets still remain. Myself and others involved in the effort have continued to use what we developed stanto help our clients, and we continue to push for definition and standardization from within existing movements in the larger L&D industry. Perhaps someday we will succeed!