Expert Witness

Munger Tolles & OlsenDisney was being sued by a songwriter who claimed one of their hit songs was an infringement upon his copyright, and that the Disney songwriters must have heard his song on YouTube.

I was brought in as an Expert Witness to help provide insights to the legal team. Because I had worked at YouTube and understand many of its behind-the-scenes inner workings, I was able to find much more information about the videos in question than was previously thought. I also evaluated the likelihood of the legal claim based on my knowledge of the YouTube algorithm, and aided the lead counsel in forming some new and more nuanced arguments. The suit was dismissed with predjudice.

Alticor (the parent company of Amway) was facing steep and punitive penalties from the country’s top record labels for use of popular music in videos made by independent contractors selling Amway products.


I was brought in to sift through the massive datasets of YouTube video uploads and plays globally, as was produced in discovery. I also presented comparative analysis and benchmarking against other content, worked with the legal team to vet some of their arguments, and prepared for deposition. However, very soon after delivery of my detailed expert report, the case settled out of court.