Content Migration Leadership

Migrating from one LMS to another is never fun for anyone. One especially painful example of this was when ADP migrated 3.5MM of their client learners from one system to another too quickly. As often happens in such projects, QA & Usability Testing were abandoned in favor of launching by deadline.

When it came time to migrate employees to the new system, I was brought in to ensure that the process would go smoother than the previous one. With substantially more learning objects to move (20K+), a break-neck timeline, and literally thousands of questions coming in from paniced Instructional Designers and Stakeholders across their global organization, I knew that only scaleable solutions would have any chance.

Brought in very late in the game to replace a long-term and beloved employee who had enough, I was designated owner of the content migration effort. I documented the existing processes & owners as best as possible (these differed across various parts of the organization), established a brand new content workflow process, a bridging content migration process (including scripting the automateable elements), trained & supported the globally distributed team in these processes, and provided a great deal of advanced expertise in troubleshooting and creative problem solving with the content issues that surfaced.

Here’s one example of one of the assets created to help “train the trainers”, providing a walkthrough to the nearly 200 Instructional Designers and other SMEs responsible for validating their individual trainings in the new and unfamiliar LMS.