Learning Asset Management & ID Process Flow

Sunrun logoI was initially brought in to the rapidly-scaling solar installation & financing startup Sunrun to help provide QA services on all eLearning content across platforms/players during an LMS migration. But soon it became very apparent that I knew more about the not only their new LMS, but the processes needed to scale the Learning Experience department to meet the critical needs & urgent pace of their organization.

After an interview with the Training Manager, I took a day to draft an initial deck of best practices, training structures, and terminology for their new LMS. After presenting this to him, within a few minor tweaks, he took it and ran with it, repurposing it for many presentations thereafter.

Later, when it was time to gather the greater LX team for their annual offsite meeting, I was flown out to present a new scaled workflow for the instructional design process, as well as lead the team in finding a better solution to their archive issues and naming convention mishaps.

While the final drafts are now proprietary to the company, I can share the initial versions that led to directly to new levels of organization and output for the team.