The Intersection of Video & Learning

Jul 09, 2018

Nearly every week for the last 3 years, we’ve cohosted #VideoFriday, bringing on a variety of dynamic guests to speak about all things video that pertain to the Learning & Development world. It started on L&D Talk, migrated to TLDChat (after the sad demise of the platform), which then became TLDCast.

Now Snap Synapse is happy to announce that on Monday, July 30th, we’ll be providing a “Best Of” Playlist of sorts. It’s 4-hours of continuous livestreamed programming with some of our most fantastic guests talking about Video Engagement. This interactive online event will feature:

Steve Stockman, LA writer/producer/director, and author of How To Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck (the most popular cinematography book on Amazon!). He’ll be talking about why so many training videos suck, and simple ways to make sure yours don’t.

Lee LeFever, cofounder of Common Craft, creator of the modern explainer video (and multiple of viral YouTube videos) and author of The Art of Explanation. If you want to keep your learners engaged while explaining things, Lee is the man to talk to.

Jonathan Halls, former head of the BBC’s prestigious Production Training department, current adjunct professor at George Washington University, and author of Rapid Video Development for TrainersHe will show some techniques you can use to make your software training less painful, and more useful!

Mark Lassoff, founder of (over 500,000 students taught) and the soon-to-be-launched FrameworkTV channel, will be on the closing panel with Michael Kinney, professional actor & educational television director turned YouTube video tutorial creator, and Sam Rogers (President of Snap Synapse) who helped create the YouTube Certified Online certification program and sells educational content on Vimeo. We’ll be discussing how to make your eLearning video so good that people will actually seek it out instead being told they need to take it for compliance purposes.

And then there’s the Video Friday regulars: Brent Schlenker (DominKnow), Matthew Pierce (TechSmith), and Sam Rogers (Snap Synapse). We’ll be moderating the chat to make sure your questions don’t get overlooked, and keeping the whole show running smoothly.

We in L&D tend to get too busy to prioritize our own learning and development. But you can clear a half-day in your calendar within the next two weeks to join this FREE livestreaming event, right?

Just think of it! Unlike attending a conference, there’ll be no expense reports, no travel, no awkward vendor interactions. Just plenty helpful content from fellow Learning & Development professionals in a casual environment, talking about things you can actually do with video to make your efforts more successful. You don’t even have to hunt for electrical outlets or wait for a decent wifi connection. Surely you can squeeze that in. So click here to Register now, or view more details on the TLDC website. See you there!

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