Ready, Set, Screencast!

Sep 25, 2017

Screencasting is something that a lot of folks do. But how many really do it well?

…And how many do it so simply that it can be used in an email or a PDF?

All the screencasting best practices of Snap Synapse and SunRun are contained in this session for DevLearn. We’ll get you up and running quickly and easily and inexpensively so you can make performance support and training assets in record time with undeniable value and portability.

This session will be facilitated by Sam Rogers (of Snap Synapse) & Lee Rodrigues (of SunRun), the same crack team that created the original YouTube Certified Online training program at Google in 2014.

If this looks like something you and your organization would benefit from, go register today!

DevLearn is THE conference for cutting-edge technology in the Learning & Development space. Whether you come to this particular workshop or not, coming to DevLearn is likely very worth your while.

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