Podcasting for Learning & Development

Jun 12, 2017

Do you listen to any podcasts for our industry? If so, which ones? I’m assembling every current English-language L&D podcast that there is, and pulling them into one unified list. I’ll then share this list with every who contributed.

Why? Because I like listening, and I like community.

I don’t know about you, but I find that working in this field can be a bit lonely and frustrating at times.

No one really cares like we do. If they even understand what we do.

And how much fun is it to answer the question “So what do you do…?” at social gatherings? Yeah, you know how it is.

Sometimes I just want to hear how others in Learning & Development are solving the problems they face. I want to be inspired by new technology, new science, and new approaches. Or even to simply be reminded of all the little things I already know — but often forget to put into practice.

Podcasts are great for this.

I listen while driving, and often during mind-numbing tasks like filtering through spreadsheets or running reports or repetitive LMS administration duties.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for well over a decade now — basically since this was the latest in revolutionary technology. Back then there weren’t so many choices.

The Original Apple iPod

I even had my own podcast for a little while. Though it never really took off, it was very fun and I learned a ton from it.

These days I prefer to be a guest on podcasts. I like to contribute to Five Trainers in a Car and occasionally get interviewed on shows like Learning Now Radio. Though it’s still a bit awkward hearing myself back, it helps me feel connected to the rest of us who are doing the work everyday.

Conferences are a great way to do this too, and while I’ve been able to attended a bunch in last year or so (because I can now talk my way in the door!), I went for 15 years without getting this in the annual budget. Conferences don’t work for everyone. Most of us can’t show up to events to have those all-important conversations in the hallway or shy-but-worthwhile connections over lunch.

It’s true that podcasts aren’t the same as meeting people in person, but I find they’re good enough to tide me over. And they’re way more convenient!

If you’d like to get in on the survey, please do so right now. It closes THIS THURSDAY, June 15th 2017 (and has been open for two weeks already).

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