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Jun 01, 2017

It’s been nearly 6-months since Just Do The Thing: A Guide was first made available on’s Kindle store (where it became an instant bestseller!). As of today, it is also available through Smashwords as well.

Smashwords is one of the world’s best online retailers for independent books. We’re proud to offer our book which crystalizes our Snap Synapse approach to anything at ANY PRICE you name!

Yes, really.

This means you can buy our eBook for $0.00. Or you can buy it for the Amazon price of $2.99 USD. Or you can generously pay what this book is actually worth! 😉

If Kindle is more your thing, go pick the book up there. But if you would like a DRM-free epub at a price of your choosing, then Smashwords is the place to go.

Some feedback about Just Do The Thing: A Guide

“Just Do The Thing is a concise and inspiring (and funny!) look at not just getting more done, but doing things that truly matter.”
Lee LeFever, Founder of Common Craft & author of The Art of Explanation

“By speaking to what is inside of us, Sam empowers our true values to emerge, but without all the trappings of ego.”
Denise Lynch, CHT, creator of iTunes-bestselling audiobook Living an Empowered Life

“My ADD mind could actually track this, and totally loved every minute of it! This guy knows what he’s doing.”
Bronkar Lee, author of BAM: The Bold Achievement Method

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