Mailbox Question: Adobe Premiere

Aug 06, 2018

This question came in via our LinkedIn page recently…

You spoke at ATD Sacramento last year, and I really loved your talk on Smartphone video production. I'm starting to really get into video production for L&D due to a job change. I have a license through my new job for Adobe Premiere, and I'm wondering if you have any thoughts or suggestions on video editing in that program. Do you have any tips or suggestions you would be willing to share with me? Thanks, and hope you are well! - David

Thanks for reaching out, David! Glad to hear that you’re putting some of that knowledge to good use 🙂

As for Adobe Premiere, it is THE editing tool we recommend for many reasons.

First off, it’s multi-platform (PC/Mac) and scales from your smartphone (Adobe Premiere Clip) to major motion picture use (Adobe Premiere Pro) with several levels in between.

Our advice would be to start with the simplest offering and gradually increment up as needed. We just did a project for LearningNow TV (on air next week!) entirely in Clip and it was plenty. For other projects, you’ll need to integrate After Effects or other Media Encoder or Photoshop or teams of people working at the same time. Keeping it as simple as is needed is advice that will always serve you well, so please have the courage to keep it simple!

Thanks for your question, best of luck on your video elearning projects. Hope this helps!


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