Livestreams 'R Us!

May 21, 2018

For nearly three years, Snap Synapse has co-hosted a Video Friday livestream nearly every week (first on L&D Talk, then TLDChat, and now TLDCast). Each episode typically features a special guest with specific expertise in both Video Production AND Instructional Design. It’s a casual and playful place for Training, Learning, & Development Professionals to come together and talk shop. If you’re interested, you should drop on by on Friday at 8am Pacific!

Last week, we also hosted two additional livestreams for the now 6-episode per week livestreaming show TLDCast (also available as a podcast). One was a conversation with Ant Pugh (mostly about Video Learning), and the other with Katrina Marie Baker on LMS implementations.

And coming up this Wednesday at 9am Eastern time (6am Pacific), Sam Rogers of Snap Synapse will be the featured guest on “Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee” where we’ll talk about Pre-Production & Post-Production of eLearning Videos.

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[Update: Click below to watch the recording! This was a ton of fun. ]


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