Keynote for Learning DevCamp

May 28, 2018

Sam Rogers, President of Snap Synapse, will deliver the Keynote Address for Learning DevCamp on Wednesday, June 13th in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This year’s Learning DevCamp marks the third year for Snap Synapse, who provided sessions & seminars in past years. The Keynote topic is “When the Training Will Fail” a humorous and empowering look at what those who make good training can do to prevent bad training programs from happening.

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When the Training Will Fail: Predictive Factors & Stories

We all want to make training that makes a real difference. And while creating these learning solutions, we often get clues about what isn’t going to work out. Sometimes we’re wrong, but as designers and developers we usually have insights that stakeholders or others we work with do not yet share. This keynote is about honing that instructional spidey-sense, sharing funny stories about why our work has failed in the past, and how to do our best to ensure that these same mistakes are not made again.


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