Expert Witness for Training Systems

Oct 05, 2017

We hope you’re never involved in any litigation, it’s not fun.

But if you end up being involved in either end of a lawsuit involving your training systems (LMSs, training compliance audits, etc.) know that you don’t have to be the expert. In fact, it’s often more advantageous to bring in outside, independent experts that can supply testimony that simplifies and clarifies matters.

Remember: the faster and better the lawyers can argue about what counts, the cheaper and easier it can be to come find a conclusion.

As well as being President of Snap Synapse, I’m happy to be an experienced expert witness. And now I’m part of the EliteXpert community at IMS ExpertServices – one of the best and most reputable places to find such experts.

I’ve also served as an Expert Witness for litigation involving the use of the YouTube’s Content ID platform.

Again, we hope you never need such services. But if you do, you know who to contact!

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