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  • Earlier this week I posted the following article to LinkedIn. Seeking simply to ask a question and get some feedback about where to go next, I had no intention of posting this here on But then... ...Well, then it blew up. Within 48hrs this article had received more Shares, Likes, and most importantly Comments than anything else I've ever posted. It seems to have struck a nerve. So in case you missed it, here is the post reproduced in its entirety. Plus, you can still go see the comments here: ... In my 17 years of working in the Learning & Development field, I've seen a lot of things change. The widespread adoption of online courses, webinars, LMSs, and

  • Just out today, Sam Rogers of Snap Synapse is interviewed on The Learning Innovations Podcast with Doug Bushée. In it we discuss the current world of Learning & Development, as well as foreshadow some innovations that are coming soon. It's 35min of great conversation with hosts Doug Bushée and Mike Lenz. Click to listen below: Or if you're an iTunes kinda person, listen here: 

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    Here at Snap Synapse, we do a lot of LMS implementations and integrations. Though we have a great track record of success, it's hard won. It seems like we run into the same dilemma with every client. After looking for metaphors and analogies to express this, I think we have The One. People come to an LMS asking, “what can this system do?” and “show me what to choose from” as if they’re walking into a café to order one or two of a dozen items off the menu. Only this system is not a café at all, it’s more like a Chinese restaurant with 500 menu items in 3 different languages that can all be customized. We need to

  • Motivations behind the requests to build new training vary. Not all of these are actually requests for "training" nor do they have much to do with "learning." ...Quite a lot of them, actually. Maybe I missed the conversation at one of the dozen corporate training industry conferences/events I've been speaking at in the last year, but I've yet to hear anyone talk about this directly. So here are some thoughts, which we share to inspire yours. Here at Snap Synapse, we categorize requests for training into basically five types: True Learning = helping people perceive/think differently Information Acquisition = helping people add facts to what they already know Behavior Change = helping people do things differently Legal Defense = helping reduce organizational liability Propaganda = helping people believe/feel something While the deliverables may not be mutually exclusive, what drives them almost always is. For

  • Text Rules!

    If you write stuff in plaintext format, your life will be better for it. You can use plain ol' text on any platform, any device, at any point in time. There is nothing to convert, and nothing to format.  Nothing will ever be more portable or searchable or translatable or ultimately useful. You can copy and paste it to and from anything (social media, websites, forms, emails, code, text messages on your phone, etc.) without any extra work or workarounds or errors to fix. It just works, and anything else is ultimately more work. Text is Distractionless I've learned to love the act of creative writing in plain text. It's ideal for creating drafts and initial planning for pretty much anything. I can't get caught

  • People reach out to Snap Synapse for all sorts of things all the time. We recently received a message from someone looking for recommendations on what headset/mic to buy: Hello, I’ve attended several of your webinars and have attend your sessions at DevLearn and you’ve shared a ton of great information. Do you have any recommendations on a headset with mic to be used for virtual training deliveries and/or recordings for elearning? Thank you in advance. Amy You can ask us questions like this anytime. Chances are that, like Amy, you'll get a response like this one back within the day: Hey Amy! Glad you’ve been picking up what we're putting out there, and thanks for reaching out :) For

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