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  • People reach out to Snap Synapse for all sorts of things all the time. We recently received a message from a former workshop attendee looking for recommendations on how to capture decent quality audio from a live event for a video recording of that event: Thanks for the recommendation on the light kit.  Got it on Amazon and I now have 2 girls that want to do makeup videos for you tube. Now what have I done???? ;) I've been asked to shoot some video for work and need a recommendation for a way to capture sound in an open meeting room.  We are doing a "shark tank" like presentation session in front of about 200-300 people in a conference space.

  • Here at Snap Synapse, we often get questions from folks looking to expand beyond their Instructional Designer role and strike out on their own. However, starting your own learning company or even just being a freelance consultant doesn't mean that you get to be the boss of the projects you work on, quite the opposite in fact. To all those who ask about how to become more independent, we have to ask...are you sure you're up for this? Stepping outside of my role as President of Snap Synapse and speaking personally, let me just paint a picture for you... The enemy is stupid. And stupid is a formidable enemy indeed! After 15+ years of making all manner of learning assets

  • Anytime people accuse me of being a "Thought Leader" (or trying to be), I squirm and shirk it off. It just happened again this morning, and I'd like to clear this up once and for all: leading people's thoughts is something I want no part of, thankyouverymuch. I'll leave that to the politicians and the marketers. What I strive to do, and sincerely hope that all of us try to do, is help others toward their own independent thought. When I write, I attempt to provide leverage toward smart. I share things that I hope ignite your critical thinking skills. I do this frequently on LinkedIn and Twitter. Whether it's a comment on someone else's post... ...or a link I'm

  • Earlier this week I posted the following article to LinkedIn. Seeking simply to ask a question and get some feedback about where to go next, I had no intention of posting this here on But then... ...Well, then it blew up. Within 48hrs this article had received more Shares, Likes, and most importantly Comments than anything else I've ever posted. It seems to have struck a nerve. So in case you missed it, here is the post reproduced in its entirety. Plus, you can still go see the comments here: ... In my 17 years of working in the Learning & Development field, I've seen a lot of things change. The widespread adoption of online courses, webinars, LMSs, and

  • Just out today, Sam Rogers of Snap Synapse is interviewed on The Learning Innovations Podcast with Doug Bushée. In it we discuss the current world of Learning & Development, as well as foreshadow some innovations that are coming soon. It's 35min of great conversation with hosts Doug Bushée and Mike Lenz. Click to listen below: Or if you're an iTunes kinda person, listen here: 

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    Here at Snap Synapse, we do a lot of LMS implementations and integrations. Though we have a great track record of success, it's hard won. It seems like we run into the same dilemma with every client. After looking for metaphors and analogies to express this, I think we have The One. People come to an LMS asking, “what can this system do?” and “show me what to choose from” as if they’re walking into a café to order one or two of a dozen items off the menu. Only this system is not a café at all, it’s more like a Chinese restaurant with 500 menu items in 3 different languages that can all be customized. We need to

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