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  • Have you heard of the Serious eLearning Manifesto? Perhaps you'd like to explore and to join? Here are the 22 Supporting Principles that Snap Synapse fully endorses: Do Not Assume that Learning is the Solution We do not assume that a learning intervention is always the best means to helping people perform better. Do Not Assume that eLearning is the Answer When learning is required, we do not assume that elearning is the only (or the best) solution. Tie Learning to Performance Goals We will couple the skills we are developing to the goals of organizations, individuals, or both. Target Improved Performance We will help our learners achieve performance excellence; enabling them to have improved abilities, skills, confidence, and readiness

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    Most of last year we co-produced and co-hosted a daily livestreaming show called "L&D Talk" with Brent Schlenker. It was great fun, but when the platform died, so too did our show. Now there's a new iteration on a new platform, and it's shaping up to be even better than the first! While any day of the week is a great time to join in this live and interactive conversation with fellow L&D Professionals, Fridays are still our favorite (and best attended!) because that's when we talk about Video eLearning with special guests. Become a part of the conversation and community at!

  • Know anyone in L&D in Ohio? Tell them about Learning Technology Day in Columbus on April 18th! The Central Ohio chapter of the Association for Talent Development has invited Snap Synapse to come speak about Video eLearning, as well as Debbie Richards who'll be talking about some other emerging technologies in the learning & development space, such as VR and mobile learning. As well as being a fantastic chance for local folks to network and keep up on industry trends, this event gives participants real-world tactics, tools, & techniques they can implement right away back on the job to deliver more value to their respective organizations.  Here's < 1min video with more info:   Register now at: TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE: What’s Next

  • Sometimes it's really handy to have a video in several different formats for testing purposes. For instance, determining what video will play best on a certain system or network. Here's what we use for such testing, which is shared freely under a Creative Commons - Attribution license. Enjoy! Right-click (option-click on Mac) to download a 1080p HD version of this :10 second test file: MP4 (28MB)  |  MOV (18MB) |  WMV (28MB) Streaming HD 1080p from YouTube: Embedded sample: To convert filetypes from one to another on any platform, use VLC. It's perfect for that! Here's a quick guide to how filetypes affects filesize. This is a picture of every possible export format in Apple Compressor for the "This Video Works!" :10 placeholder test. There are also plenty

  • Sam Rogers of Snap Synapse here. I've just been recognized by Cornerstone OnDemand as an expert on use of their Learning suite (LMS). As part of their Client Community Expert (CCE) program, I'll be answering questions for fellow Cornerstone Admins all over the world every week on their forum, the Client Success Center. Cornerstone OnDemand helps organizations to recruit, train and manage their people. Their Learning platform is one of the top, global, enterprise-class Learning Management Systems, and has been for some time. It is used by millions people in 192 countries, in 42 languages. But this is just the most recent in a long list of LMS vendors that I've worked with at expert levels. I've also done implementations/migrations/customizations

  • We recently established another exciting new alliance an innovative learning company, this one from South Africa. Cognician is a software provider focused on creating a well-designed interface supporting an undeniably effective process. Cognician has several unique offerings that help to instill true behavior change and display progress within a simple data visualization framework. Their supremely scalable "digital coaching" product in particular is a product unlike anything else we've seen in an LMS or the larger EdTech space, and it's something that we're just itching to help clients implement. Interested? Let's talk!  We inspire change by telling great stories. We guide learners with powerful mental models that steer their thoughts and actions. We support the development of new habits by helping learners to follow through over time on the commitment to change. And when these

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