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  • Simple is marvelous place that you really can inhabit. Yes, you too can get there. Oftentimes, the only thing that it takes to get from here to there is to give up the things that complicate our lives. Yeah, so like most simple things, this is easier said than done. Nobody ever said simple was easy! (Well, okay, maybe somebody did. But they were simply wrong!) Here are some tips to make "simple" a little easier: 1. Forgo acquiring new tools Tools cannot make life simpler. Processes make life simpler. Tools can make the processes easier, yes. But the one thing tools will never fix is a bad process. So forget bringing any new tools into the mix while you're focused on simplifying something. Always

  • It's been nearly 6-months since Just Do The Thing: A Guide was first made available on's Kindle store (where it became an instant bestseller!). As of today, it is also available through Smashwords as well. Smashwords is one of the world's best online retailers for independent books. We're proud to offer our book which crystalizes our Snap Synapse approach to anything at ANY PRICE you name! Yes, really. This means you can buy our eBook for $0.00. Or you can buy it for the Amazon price of $2.99 USD. Or you can generously pay what this book is actually worth! ;) If Kindle is more your thing, go pick the book up there. But if you would like a DRM-free epub at

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    After the excitement of ATD2017 last week, it's easy to get swept away and forget that all the fancy gadgets and models don't actually create learning. But no matter what anyone can say or sell, they can't make learning happen. Our technological and conceptual constructs can aid in learning (though more often they distract us from the learning itself). Learning is something we can hopefully facilitate, but we can never control or enforce. Why? Because learning is simply out of our jurisdiction. It takes place within the Learner, or not at all. The  only thing that actually creates learning is when  the learner is ready learn. Until then, all our information, tools, and techniques will be ultimately ineffective. It doesn't matter how perfect our training

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    I often hear Learning & Development (L&D) Professionals lament that we have no real Rockstars in our profession. Presenting at ATD2017 this week, I've already grown tired of this in just two days: "Our industry needs some kind of Rockstar to bring it to [mainstream consciousness, business relevance, legitimized status, or...somethingorother.]" (sigh!) Okay... The Rockstars of Learning are all around us, though. We just don't like to recognize them from within our own echo chamber. Tim Ferriss is one such fantastic example. When the #1 book on both the New York Times & Wall Street Journal bestseller lists is a book about learning, the #1 podcast is about learning, the #1 TV show on iTunes is about learning, AND the #1 Management and Leadership blog is about learning, those of us

  • After producing our own regular podcast, it's always good to be part of someone else's. Actually, it's MUCH better! Today Sam Rogers, President of Snap Synapse, is a guest on the initial episode of Bespoke LnD's Podcast. The wide-ranging, 35-min conversation provides a great introduction to how we approach things here at Snap Synapse. Enjoy!

  • Question: when is something considered Training, and when isn't it? As simple as that this question may be, I have yet to find any industry consensus or even academic definitions that apply. (If I missed something or you think I'm out of line, please tell me!) Doesn't it seem strange that an industry wouldn't bother to define the one asset they produce? The automotive and agricultural industries don't have this problem. Nor does the accounting industry or the advertising industry or the aerospace industry...or any others through the rest of the alphabet. So why can't we be bothered? What are we scared of? After posting a few questions on LinkedIn (several with runaway comment threads!), I'm starting to see

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