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  • We're very excited to be partnering with WillowDNA, an award-winning online learning & knowledge company in the UK! Unlike so many other technology vendors and content development shops, their focus is on the customer's core transformation needs instead of selling their products and services. As such they go far beyond traditional approaches to eLearning, creating flexible, tailored learning experiences on any scale. The alignment is ideal. It's a perfect fit and a mutual love-fest! Here's the text of the official press release: WillowDNA Announces New US Partnership London, U.K. - February 1, 2017 - Today (Wednesday 1st Feb, 2017) leading award-winning eLearning company Willow DNA announced a partnership with Snap Synapse. The agreement between the two companies pairs Willow DNA’s bespoke content development services and

  • Doable Change episode #4 Our guest today has performed all over the world from The Tonight Show to Madison Square Garden to Superbowl commercials as the world's only rhythmic juggling beatboxer. These days he's busy being speaker, author, coach, and new father. He and his wife Cyndi recently wrote "BAM: The Bold Achievement Method" and lead online courses about learning skills and achieving success. I'm proud to call him my good friend, Bronkar Lee. Takeaway #1 If you want to make a change, make a commitment. It's best to do this with someone else who can help spot you. Takeaway #2 Renegotiate as needed. Once you've made a commitment, know that you can almost always renegotiate it. Things change, schtuff happens,

  • Doable Change episode #3 Our guest on the podcast today is an authority on learning and behavior change. Author of the book "Design for How People Learn" Julie Dirksen combines modern usability research with psychological studies and behavioral economics to help people learn better. She's also delightfully practical and always seems to have some real-world example to illustrate a larger point. I hope you enjoy today's conversation about learning and change, here on Doable change. Takeaway #1 If you're whiteknuckling yourself with willpower you're doing it wrong. It's not that this can't work, but that it's the hard way. And the science shows that it likely won't last. Takeaway #2 You tend to make better decisions when you consider the

  • Doable Change episode #2 Our guest today is the inventor of the Applied Information Economics method and author of "How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business" His career has focused on solving current issues facing today’s corporations in industries such as insurance, financial services, pharmaceutical, healthcare, utilities, energy, federal and state government, entertainment media, military logistics, and manufacturing. He's also a popular speaker at conferences all over the world and the resources on his website have helped many thousands of become better at evaluating change. I'm happy to welcome Mister Douglas Hubbard to talk about measuring change here on Doable Change. Takeaway #1 You can measure anything, including the value of the change you're working towards.

  • Doable Change episode #1 Today we'll be talking with someone whose bio reads like a modern fairy tale. She's worked with some of the biggest names in music and show business before they were big, and then helped them deal with the life altering impacts of that success. She's the person the Grammy Awards bring in when there's been a bomb threat, to ensure that the coast is clear. She's worked with governments in hostage negotiations to bring people to safety. And with world-renown scientists on communications between species. She works with corporations to be more effective and less destructive. She's helped thousands and thousands of people directly through physical healing work, and her psychological work with entire family systems.

  • Welcome to Doable change! What is Doable Change? It's a podcast and online community for those who like the idea of making things better, but sometimes struggle actually doing it. From personal growth to organizational change to cultural/political shifts, this is where passionate people move from ideas to actions, starting today and finishing for good. Change often requires learning, and yes there's always more we can learn. But change really means DOING things differently. Just because we know what to do doesn't mean we always do it, right? Often that's because change can kick up fears & obstacles, it confronts our habits & patterns, and there's usually some form of resistance to change from the world around us. This is

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