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  • When we make learning assets, training resources, and support documentation, we typically do so under the belief that they will be permanent. But this is a false belief in all cases. And this is a belief that does us -- and our precious learners -- harm. Yes, facts do indeed change over time. For historians and auditors, nothing should be thrown away, we need the records of what once was true. But for we who make resources for workplace learning, it does mean throwing the old things away so no one will be confused about what is now true. When we design learning around permanent facts, we're doing it wrong. We're assuming those facts will stay put. There is 100%

  • This question came in via our LinkedIn page recently... You spoke at ATD Sacramento last year, and I really loved your talk on Smartphone video production. I'm starting to really get into video production for L&D due to a job change. I have a license through my new job for Adobe Premiere, and I'm wondering if you have any thoughts or suggestions on video editing in that program. Do you have any tips or suggestions you would be willing to share with me? Thanks, and hope you are well! - David Thanks for reaching out, David! Glad to hear that you're putting some of that knowledge to good use :) As for Adobe Premiere, it is THE editing tool we

  • Today is the big day!!! Starting at 8am Pacific (Monday, July 30th 2018), we'll be providing 4-hours of continuous livestreamed programming with extra-special of guests in The Video Engagement Playlist. This interactive online event will feature: Steve Stockman, LA writer/producer/director, and author of "How To Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck" (the most popular cinematography book on Amazon!) Lee LeFever, cofounder of Common Craft, creator of the modern explainer video (multiple of viral YouTube videos) and author of "The Art of Explanation" Jonathan Halls, former head of the BBC’s prestigious Production Training department, current adjunct professor at George Washington University, and author of "Rapid Video Development for Trainers" Mark Lassoff, founder of (over 500,000 students taught) and the soon-to-be-launched FrameworkTV channel Michael Kinney,

  • Big data is here. Like any new shiny thing, with it comes with acclaimed hope and noisy promises. Truth is always less glossy than the sales brochure. No matter how you parse all that data, it can't tell you where to go. All it can ever do is point to some things you may not have thought of yet. That is its core value, showing us blind spots and reveal ignored interconnections. And is this important? Well, it is if you say it is. Data can show us what happened in the past. It can't say why. We must overlay our values over the data to give it any value. We say what matters. What matters is all about what

  • At the beginning of July, we put out the call to find all the active, English-language, Learning & Development podcasts that there are, so that we could join them together in one place for your own learning & development. This is that place. If you're looking for some L&D listenings, you're in the right spot! Current active L&D podcast count: 32 (out of the 550,000 available on iTunes) The list is offered as a free service for our community. We at Snap Synapse believe that we all get stronger when we're more connected and better informed. Thanks for wanting to improve at what you do! (And thanks to ALL the fellow L&D Professionals who contributed to this list!) Want to submit

  • Nearly every week for the last 3 years, we’ve cohosted #VideoFriday, bringing on a variety of dynamic guests to speak about all things video that pertain to the Learning & Development world. It started on L&D Talk, migrated to TLDChat (after the sad demise of the platform), which then became TLDCast. Now Snap Synapse is happy to announce that on Monday, July 30th, we'll be providing a "Best Of" Playlist of sorts. It's 4-hours of continuous livestreamed programming with some of our most fantastic guests talking about Video Engagement. This interactive online event will feature: Steve Stockman, LA writer/producer/director, and author of How To Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck (the most popular cinematography book on Amazon!). He'll be talking about why so many training videos suck, and

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