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    Twitter Chats (aka TweetChats, TweetUps) are a great way to connect to folks in the Twitterspehere. If you don't know what these are or how to participate, scroll down to the "How do these crazy things work?" section ;) You can find these online gatherings on all sorts of topics. Here are all the English-language ones that we've found which appeal to Learning & Development professionals. If we missed one, please let us know! #EdTechChat - Mondays at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific. More info here. #IOLchat - Wednesdays 12-1pm Eastern / 9-10am Pacific. More info here. #PKMchat - Wednesdays 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific. More info here. #ESNchat - Thursdays 2-3pm Eastern / 11-noon Pacific. More info here. #lrnchat

  • One of the L&D communities that we at Snap Synapse have been most proud to support is the Training, Learning, & Development Community (TLDC). Between the previous conference in San Diego and the daily livestream, the ongoing conversations spawned by TLDC have been some of the most rewarding, challenging, and fun! To continue with all the fun, Sam Rogers of Snap Synapse will again be speaking the Training, Learning, & Development Conference in January 2018 in Phoenix. The conference schedule has yet to be finalized, but you can expect that we'll be following up on our weekly Video Friday livestream presence. Discussions are underway about how to do a hands-on, live and in-person version utilizing the audio-video gear (i.e. smartphones,

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    As President of Snap Synapse LLC, a member of the Learning & Development community and a frequent conference speaker, I'm happy to say that I've been invited to deliver a keynote speech for the upcoming Learning DevCamp conference this June in Salt Lake City. The topic for this keynote is "Workflow or Workslow? Greasing the Wheels of Development" Here is the description: Tools cannot make any team or person more productive, only improvements in workflow can do that. Before evaluating a tool, it’s important to evaluate the workflow that it is part of. Oftentimes small tweaks can yield much greater results than expensive purchases. Testing our assumptions about how things are done is key, and this keynote is an empowering look

  • As President of Snap Synapse, I get invited to do a fair amount of interviews and online presentations for various L&D associations. Just yesterday, I was just invited to be on Margie Mecham's Learning To Go podcast. Yay! She popped up on our radar when we put together The Ultimate L&D Podcast Guide in June. So I started wondering just how many such podcasting guest spots I'd done that are still available. I'm not sure if this is the full and comprehensive list, but it's a running start. Learning Now with Lisa Minogue-White Learning Innovations with Doug Busheé The Learning Circle from Defense Acquisition University 5 Trainers in a Car(frequent cohost/guest) Ep#9 - with Debbie Richards,Terri LoGiudice, Cara North, & Joseph Suarez

  • Here's a recent Snap Synapse mailbox question from an Instructional Designer regarding the use of recorded music in a webinar: "A company wants to use pre-1972 music in a webcast meeting. Have you ever tackled the pre-/ post-1972 copyright issue as it applies to music?" It's a great question! The issue here is that prior to February 15th, 1972, there was no Federal Copyright protection for recorded music. Crazy, huh? But make no mistake, this does NOT mean it's fair game to use any music prior to that date. As we understand it, there are still state and international protections that can extend to pre-1972 recordings in many cases. Here’s an article on the subject you might find helpful: And just

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    We hope you're never involved in any litigation, it's not fun. But if you end up being involved in either end of a lawsuit involving your training systems (LMSs, training compliance audits, etc.) know that you don't have to be the expert. In fact, it's often more advantageous to bring in outside, independent experts that can supply testimony that simplifies and clarifies matters. Remember: the faster and better the lawyers can argue about what counts, the cheaper and easier it can be to come find a conclusion. As well as being President of Snap Synapse, I'm happy to be an experienced expert witness. And now I'm part of the EliteXpert community at IMS ExpertServices - one of the best and most

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