Mailbox question: Bidding on 10sec Videos

Jun 11, 2018

We frequently get questions from folks like you about instructional design, elearning, educational strategy, marketing platforms, and video production & distribution. We’re happy to answer as we can, which is usually same-day. Here’s one such question that we weren’t expecting…

Awesome tips today! I'm in over my head and need your help. I need to prepare a quote for a client (by Friday) and it needs to include six, 10-second videos that have 'customers' voicing objections in Sales training. How much would that cost? I was thinking of using an improv actor or two... maybe hire a videographer. If you were to do something like that (I'd provide the script) what would you charge? Thanks!

Thank you for reaching out, glad you liked yesterday’s livestream 🙂

Six 10-second videos of customers saying why they don’t want to buy something? You can trip over that for nothing!

Seriously, I’d tell the client not to hire anyone, and just follow a salesperson around with an iPhone for half a day and to get 20 such responses to curate down. Unless it’s going to be used in a live conference keynote or something of that scale, actual production quality is probably overkill. Actors are definitely overkill, IMHO.

I do understand that you’re the one bidding on the job, and looking for what to charge. There is no true business justification for this expenditure, so it’s all about how much they want to spend and how quickly they want you to deliver. Since you asked, I wouldn’t bid on such a thing, personally. I’d sell them the training on how to solve such problems themselves with this project AND in the future.

All that’s needed in this case is something clear and real. Frills detract. Authenticity attracts.

I don’t know if I’ve been of any help to you here, but I wish you the best of luck!

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