• Sam Rogers, President of Snap Synapse, will deliver the Keynote Address for Learning DevCamp on Wednesday, June 13th in Salt Lake City, Utah. This year's Learning DevCamp marks the third year for Snap Synapse, who provided sessions & seminars in past years. The Keynote topic is "When the Training Will Fail" a humorous and empowering look at what those who make good training can do to prevent bad training programs from happening. Sign up for Learning DevCamp here and get into eLBX for free! When the Training Will Fail: Predictive Factors & Stories We all want to make training that makes a real difference. And while creating these learning solutions, we often get clues about what isn’t going to work out.

    May 28,
  • For nearly three years, Snap Synapse has co-hosted a Video Friday livestream nearly every week (first on L&D Talk, then TLDChat, and now TLDCast). Each episode typically features a special guest with specific expertise in both Video Production AND Instructional Design. It's a casual and playful place for Training, Learning, & Development Professionals to come together and talk shop. If you're interested, you should drop on by on Friday at 8am Pacific! Last week, we also hosted two additional livestreams for the now 6-episode per week livestreaming show TLDCast (also available as a podcast). One was a conversation with Ant Pugh (mostly about Video Learning), and the other with Katrina Marie Baker on LMS implementations. And coming up this Wednesday at

    May 21,
  • Snap Synapse is officially 10 years old today! Woohoo! What started as a side project for a young Web Developer and Instructional Designer in the early 2000s became its very own legal entity on April 30th, 2008. Back then the big project was helping AAA of Northern California, Nevada, & Utah organize their entire library of training content and creating customized eLearning modules for staff at all their branches. We skipped the startup stage and went straight to becoming a profitable company by speaking to the immediate needs of organizations suffering from an overwhelming amount of information and little clarity about how it is all supposed to work together to remain relevant to the people who need it. In the

    Apr 30,
  • Learning and Development holds the keys to the kingdom. No other part of the organization has more insight into the problems of the employees, the flaws in the processes, the bugs in the systems, the quirks of the culture, or resistance of the entire organization to change. No other part of the organization is more critical to surviving change, or better yet thriving within it. Every internal shakeup involves learning to adapt. Every external challenge requires learning faster and better than the competition. No other part of the organization is more directly responsible for attracting & retaining the very people who make or break the success of the organization: the talent who cares enough to develop, to innovate, and to advance.

    Apr 02,
  • Bryan Jones of eLearningArt.com recently conducted an eLearning Trends survey found that video was the second most highlighted trend of 2018 (after Microlearning). To follow up, he reached out to Video eLearning provider Snap Synapse, interviewing Sam Rogers about advice for those just getting started. Here's the 23-minute video interview: If you'd like the read the excellent summary (and enter the $500+ giveaway) head on over to eLearning Art and check it out! https://elearningart.com/blog/elearning-video/

    Mar 26,

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