• The recently announced Digital Learning Asset Framework is gaining momentum! As part of fueling that path forward, Sam Rogers of Snap Synapse (also coordinator of the effort to build a Digital Learning Asset Framework) will be presenting a webinar on February 28th as part of Training Magazine Network's TechLearn series. It's a great opportunity to learn about how this new Framework can help us better make, manage, and measure everything from job aids to eLearning videos to gamified VR training. Register today!   And for those who just can't get enough, there will also be a livestream discussion/preview on TLDCast the day before 2/27 at 8am Pacific.

    Feb 19,
  • Here's a recent Snap Synapse mailbox question from an author/educator wanting to make better videos content with his remote business partner: What tips might you have for doing a video when we are separated by 1,000 miles? Skype, Zoom, GoogleHangouts, and other video conference platforms all work great for these kinds of low-tech video productions. It doesn't matter much which one you pick, as long as you can store the recording too. The most important thing is that the content is relevant to the viewer.  In fact, I’d be surprised if the technical quality of your existing videos are really getting in anyone's way. That's an excuse people sometimes give, but it's your energy/offering/relevance that really counts most of the time.

    Feb 12,
  • Here at Snap Synapse, we've done a lot of leveling up in the last year or so. After moving into a new office space, we steadily converted it into an full-on audio/video production facility. As usual, we're always experimenting. In this post, we'll cover the Top 5 Audio/Video gear purchases that we've put to the test and still love using every chance we get. [If you're just getting started with video production, this post is not for you. Go get comfortable with some Smartphone Cinema first, then come back when you're ready to level up too.] 18" LED Ring Light - This is THE go-to light for every indoor lighting situation. When your camera (or smartphone) goes in the

    Feb 05,
  • Tomorrow a new, open-source framework for the development and administration of the media assets that comprise scalable training will be announced at The Training, Learning, & Development Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. This is the result of an effort led by Snap Synapse over the last several months, and involves input from a diverse array of some of the brightest minds in L&D from across 3 continents. This is a complete re-thinking of why we make media for training and how we can better manage them over time. Rather than summarizing and categorizing the training assets that already exist, this is a wholly new approach created specifically for a refined set of digital learning assets that conform to a higher standard.

    Jan 29,
  • Looking for something to inspire you to think differently about the training you make or manage? Here are 7 webinars from Snap Synapse to help you along. Shoestrings, Bootstraps, & Videos (eLearning Guild, free to members) Creating eLearning Videos That Don't Suck (OIDA, free to all with registration) Undeniably Successful Training (ATD Northern New Jersey chapter, free to all ATD members) Now To Next in Learning Tech (Training Magazine Masters Series members only) Video Within Reach: Myth-busting & Testing to Greatness (ATD Suncoast chapter, free to all ATD members) YouTube: Leveraging the World's Largest Video Platform for L&D (Training Magazine, free to all with registration) YouTube U: Integrating your LMS and Learning Strategy (eLearning Magazine, free to members) Most of these

    Jan 24,

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