• We recently established another exciting new alliance an innovative learning company, this one from South Africa. Cognician is a software provider focused on creating a well-designed interface supporting an undeniably effective process. Cognician has several unique offerings that help to instill true behavior change and display progress within a simple data visualization framework. Their supremely scalable "digital coaching" product in particular is a product unlike anything else we've seen in an LMS or the larger EdTech space, and it's something that we're just itching to help clients implement. Interested? Let's talk!  We inspire change by telling great stories. We guide learners with powerful mental models that steer their thoughts and actions. We support the development of new habits by helping learners to follow through over time on the commitment to change. And when these

    Mar 09,
  • This month for the eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions Conference & Expo (co-located with the Learning & Performance Ecosystem conference) we'll be delivering: Smartphone Cinema for L&D (full-day, pre-conference workshop) Configure Your YouTube Channel for L&D (concurrent session) Podcasting and Live Streaming (morning buzz session) Here's a little promo video, made for FREE in less than 15-minutes start to finish, using only a smartphone and a tablet and a web browser. It's not a work of art or an example of high-quality video production. It is a taste of what you too can make really quickly and easily to get the job done.  

    Mar 06,
  • Picture this: Your conference ends, and you jump into a rental car to head out to dinner with some newfound friends. Everyone reflects on the experience, talks about the industry, personal struggles and victories, and some fun drive-by distractions. Someone jokes about the conversation being so good it should be recorded. Then someone else says "okay!" and pulls a portable recorder out of his backpack and starts hosting a podcast. ...And that person is Matt Pierce! So begins the informal, intermittent, and fun podcast called 5 Trainers in a Car. It's an entirely community driven effort with wide ranging conversations from professionals in the Learning & Development field speaking playfully and candidly about what's important to them. It's available on iTunes and wherever else fine

    Mar 03,
  • Doable Change podcast episode #8 Today we'll be speaking with a musician and audio engineer turned founder/director non-profit that's changing the way the world thinks about sound. From mixing films like "Koyaanisqatsi" to helping create ISO standards on underwater metrics to speaking at environmental and scientific conferences all over the world and helping shift military and government policy, Michael Stocker is all about making change doable. Takeaway #1 Want to change the world? Be a translator. communicate in ways that appeal to who you're talking to, instead of just what you happen to believe. For many audiences, avoid numbers whenever possible, and use metaphors instead. This will be easier to understand on an emotional and comparative basis. While for other

    Mar 01,
  • Doable Change podcast episode #7 Today we'll talk with award-winning inventor and best-selling author, David Corbin. Businesses praise him for helping to contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line as a consultant, and being one of their top motivational speakers. He's helped clients such as Visa, Hallmark, AT&T, Calvin Klein, Home Depot, Domino's Pizza, and agencies like Department of Veterans Affairs and Internal Revenue Service figure out which way is forward when nothing seems certain. Get ready for an engaging conversation about mastering change, here on Doable Change. Takeaway #1 Change may not always be predictable, but WE are! First we deny that any change is happening, next we resist the change while it happens, then we

    Feb 22,

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