• The following uncomfortable conversation happens rarely, and I actually wish it happened a lot more… Ms. Important: “We just need employees to stop doing X and do Y instead. When they do X it costs time, money, and audit has a fit! Get everyone to do Y.” Me: “Okay, we’ll teach all your employees exactly how to do Y.” Ms. Important: “Yeah, that’s nice. But I need people to stop doing X. Everyone needs to do Y instead of X…every single time.” Me: “We can teach them to do Y better, and we can tell them all the reasons why it’s better than X.” Ms. Important: “Are you hearing me? I need you to train them to stop doing X! They’ve seen and done Y

    Jun 23,
  • Adding Training can add knowledge, skills, and behaviors. As such, it's a great way to solve additive problems. "We need more of this!" "Do that faster!" "Do that thing better!" Training can help us do this. But the one thing that adding adding Training can never do is subtract knowledge, skills, or behaviors. Adding Training does not remove knowledge, skills, or behaviors. That's because any added information has to either fit within our existing mental model (easier) or overwrite it (harder). Anything that doesn't fit/change what we know what we already know just gets dropped. Such new information not be retained. As I've written about before, you can train all you want but learning ain't gonna happen. The point I'd

    Jun 17,
  • Do you listen to any podcasts for our industry? If so, which ones? I'm assembling every current English-language L&D podcast that there is, and pulling them into one unified list. I'll then share this list with every who contributed. Why? Because I like listening, and I like community. I don't know about you, but I find that working in this field can be a bit lonely and frustrating at times. No one really cares like we do. If they even understand what we do. And how much fun is it to answer the question "So what do you do...?" at social gatherings? Yeah, you know how it is. Sometimes I just want to hear how others in Learning & Development

    Jun 12,
  • Simple is marvelous place that you really can inhabit. Yes, you too can get there. Oftentimes, the only thing that it takes to get from here to there is to give up the things that complicate our lives. Yeah, so like most simple things, this is easier said than done. Nobody ever said simple was easy! (Well, okay, maybe somebody did. But they were simply wrong!) Here are some tips to make "simple" a little easier: 1. Forgo acquiring new tools Tools cannot make life simpler. Processes make life simpler. Tools can make the processes easier, yes. But the one thing tools will never fix is a bad process. So forget bringing any new tools into the mix while you're focused on simplifying something. Always

    Jun 05,
  • It's been nearly 6-months since Just Do The Thing: A Guide was first made available on Amazon.com's Kindle store (where it became an instant bestseller!). As of today, it is also available through Smashwords as well. Smashwords is one of the world's best online retailers for independent books. We're proud to offer our book which crystalizes our Snap Synapse approach to anything at ANY PRICE you name! Yes, really. This means you can buy our eBook for $0.00. Or you can buy it for the Amazon price of $2.99 USD. Or you can generously pay what this book is actually worth! ;) If Kindle is more your thing, go pick the book up there. But if you would like a DRM-free epub at

    Jun 01,
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