• This post is for my fellow Instructional Designers, we who make the assessments for the trainings. We do much more than just this, of course. But when it comes to making a quiz or knowledge check or exam or whatever, it’s not our first rodeo. Okay, seriously now…why is simple math such a problem for us? Why is it that we can’t get the basics down and standardized for the benefit of our learners? Let's all agree that the following mistake should NEVER EVER BE MADE: Pass/Fail threshold = 80% Number of questions = 4 Because we can all see that this doesn’t work, right? That this is essentially a 100% pass/fail? I mean, as an ID you probably look at

    Jun 25,
  • This question recently came in about how to set up a corporate YouTube channel... I took your Smartphone Cinema class at the Online Conference in New Orleans.  Now I am trying to find info on creating a corporate YouTube Channel for my organization.  I remember you talking about it, unfortunately I can't seem to find info on costs, set up, privacy, etc... Basically all of the info that I need to really sell it to my Executive Director.   Can you please point me in the right direction? Thank you, Carmen Thanks for reaching out, Carmen! Yes, we used to distribute such materials, but the platform and entire video platform landscape change so quickly that we don’t really do that anymore.

    Jun 18,
  • We frequently get questions from folks like you about instructional design, elearning, educational strategy, marketing platforms, and video production & distribution. We're happy to answer as we can, which is usually same-day. Here's one such question that we weren't expecting... Awesome tips today! I'm in over my head and need your help. I need to prepare a quote for a client (by Friday) and it needs to include six, 10-second videos that have 'customers' voicing objections in Sales training. How much would that cost? I was thinking of using an improv actor or two... maybe hire a videographer. If you were to do something like that (I'd provide the script) what would you charge? Thanks! Thank you for reaching out,

    Jun 11,
  • DevLearn is the best L&D Conference around for Instructional Designers & Developers who are hungry for the latest in learning technology. Held in October in Las Vegas every year, this is the place where all the new toys and techniques can be found first. Snap Synapse has been been proud to present concurrent sessions, lead preconference workshops, host morning buzz discussions, and even podcast & livestream from this event for the last several years. The response has always been exceedingly positive, with rave reviews pouring in! Last year our pre-conference workshop on "Producing & Directing for eLearning Video" was completely full, and this year's "Video Production Intensive" is likely to sell out as well. If you're interested in upping your video

    Jun 04,

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