• Bryan Jones of eLearningArt.com recently conducted an eLearning Trends survey found that video was the second most highlighted trend of 2018 (after Microlearning). To follow up, he reached out to Video eLearning provider Snap Synapse, interviewing Sam Rogers about advice for those just getting started. Here's the 23-minute video interview: If you'd like the read the excellent summary (and enter the $500+ giveaway) head on over to eLearning Art and check it out! https://elearningart.com/blog/elearning-video/

    Mar 26,
  • As President of Snap Synapse, I was recently asked for my Speaking Resume. "Sure!" I replied, "I'll send it your way tomorrow." Only then did I get busy making one. I did a couple quick searches for what other speakers are using, but little was revealed. I considered asking friends who are professional keynote speakers, but figured I didn't have time to wait for them to get back to me. I knew I wanted to scope something only for Learning & Development, and that I would not include any other speaking experiences. No one in this world will care about my experiences speaking about music or journalism or the internet or that 3rd place public speaking award I won in

    Mar 19,
  • Coming up on April 3rd at 10am Pacific Time, Sam Rogers of Snap Synapse will be presenting for The eLearning Brothers as part of their weekly webinar series. Register now! Hope to see you then... Making friends with your LMS Learning Management System, it sounds about as friendly as it is. Even just the “LMS" acronym can strike fear in hearts of mere mortals. Yours probably doesn’t do everything you want it to, but you can still learn to get along. Bring all your questions and complaints to this session, and receive valuable tips on how to scope, select, setup, swap, & support the LMS at your organization. Sam Rogers has 15+ years of experience doing just that with dozens of

    Mar 12,
  • As President of Snap Synapse, I am often interviewed for podcasts, livestreams, and panels for the Learning & Development industry. Most of the time, I'm brought in for my Video eLearning expertise. So today I thought I'd share some of the most consistent and common advice that I share, in hopes that it will be of use to you in your L&D work. Why Video for eLearning? Video is just another delivery medium, nothing special. However, it does some things better than text, still images, audio, etc. Shows sequence, process, action, or motion better than any other format. Video is ubiquitously usable. People know how to navigate a video and what to expect from it. Better than any other format,

    Mar 05,

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