• Tomorrow a new, open-source framework for the development and administration of the media assets that comprise scalable training will be announced at The Training, Learning, & Development Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. This is the result of an effort led by Snap Synapse over the last several months, and involves input from a diverse array of some of the brightest minds in L&D from across 3 continents. This is a complete re-thinking of why we make media for training and how we can better manage them over time. Rather than summarizing and categorizing the training assets that already exist, this is a wholly new approach created specifically for a refined set of digital learning assets that conform to a higher standard.

    Jan 29,
  • Looking for something to inspire you to think differently about the training you make or manage? Here are 7 webinars from Snap Synapse to help you along. Shoestrings, Bootstraps, & Videos (eLearning Guild, free to members) Creating eLearning Videos That Don't Suck (OIDA, free to all with registration) Undeniably Successful Training (ATD Northern New Jersey chapter, free to all ATD members) Now To Next in Learning Tech (Training Magazine Masters Series members only) Video Within Reach: Myth-busting & Testing to Greatness (ATD Suncoast chapter, free to all ATD members) YouTube: Leveraging the World's Largest Video Platform for L&D (Training Magazine, free to all with registration) YouTube U: Integrating your LMS and Learning Strategy (eLearning Magazine, free to members) Most of these

    Jan 24,
  • It's been a year since releasing Just Do The Thing: A Guide! And January is the perfect time to find it or listen again for the first time. I was recently interviewed by Margie Meacham of LearningToGo. Her podcast was one of the top 1o featured on the Ultimate L&D Podcast Guide last year, and it was a pleasure to make a guest appearance as both the author of Just Do The Thing and President of Snap Synapse. Click to listen below, or if to take your learning to go and do the iTunes thing, just click here. https://youtu.be/2sKYqX3u-do If you're interested in hearing other such podcast appearances, check this out. Don't forget to pick up your (newly updated) copy of Just Do

    Jan 19,
  • As you probably know, #hashtags are a kind of search hack to group like content. They started on Twitter and now work on Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, and plenty of other places. Caps don't matter in a hashtag, but precise spelling absolutely does. Unfortunately, #L&D doesn't work, nor does #L+D. The ampersand or plus part is a special character, so it winds up being a far less useful #L. So which hastags are the best ones for Learning & Development? Well, it depends on what your goals are, of course. But for anything that you're looking to group alongside other posts from our Learning & Development community, here are some Twitter-specific suggestions: #InstructionalDesign = probably your single best option #ID

    Jan 11,
  • Here at Snap Synapse, we're always trying new things. The start of a bright, fresh, and clean new year (Happy New Year, btw!) is a fantastic time to a review of the success/failure of all our efforts. We find it's most effective to break things out into: Intentions = what we thought would happen Results = what actually did happen Learnings = what we learned from what happened Decisions = how we're going to act differently in the future as a result Do you have an annual review process? Any tips on how we could do this better, or what about this inspires you? Let us know! The Paid Work Snap Synapse is a provider of consulting services in the

    Jan 02,

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