• Doable Change podcast episode #7 Today we'll talk with award-winning inventor and best-selling author, David Corbin. Businesses praise him for helping to contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line as a consultant, and being one of their top motivational speakers. He's helped clients such as Visa, Hallmark, AT&T, Calvin Klein, Home Depot, Domino's Pizza, and agencies like Department of Veterans Affairs and Internal Revenue Service figure out which way is forward when nothing seems certain. Get ready for an engaging conversation about mastering change, here on Doable Change. Takeaway #1 Change may not always be predictable, but WE are! First we deny that any change is happening, next we resist the change while it happens, then we

    Feb 22,
  • Doable Change podcast episode #6 Our guest today has personally conducted over 10,000 private sessions, helping people make changes doable in their own lives. She's also taught hundreds of workshops and thousands of people about how to master the skills needed to work directly with the subconscious mind. As owner of the Changes Now hypnotherapy clinic, The Utah School of Hypnosis, and a certified Master Trainer for the National Guild of Hypnotists, Denise Lynch knows a thing or two about how the human mind functions, and how to work with it in a very practical sense. She also has a dozen audio processes available on her Clear Mind label, including "Living an Empowered Life" which for over a year was

    Feb 15,
  • There's nothing to sell. I have nothing to hype. I'm not in it for the "fame and glory." Consulting work? I'm busy enough already, thank you. So why do I travel to speak at learning conferences the world over? Here's why: To listen & learn I want to know what challenges my peers are facing. What worked (and didn't work) with their solutions? I want to hear people gripe, I want to learn what inspires them. I think I have some valuable ideas that work, but I don't actually know until my ideas encounter a wider reality than my own. I want to update my knowledge about what matters to whom and why, and conferences are the best place to do it. To attract conversations

    Feb 11,
  • Doable Change podcast episode #5 Our guest today creates and implements innovative strategies for improved Leadership, Culture change, and effective Learning design. Julian Stodd founded Sea Salt Learning to better serve his extensive global client list, while he continues to research, write, and share widely. I first met Julian randomly over lunch at conference last year, and I've been continually inspired by him and his work ever since. I'm happy to speak with him again today about adapting to this age of change. Takeaway #1 We're moving from the information age into the Social Age. In this transition, stuff gets stirred up and things change. Every kind of power is shifting at a fundamental level, and what got us here,

    Feb 08,
  • We're very excited to be partnering with WillowDNA, an award-winning online learning & knowledge company in the UK! Unlike so many other technology vendors and content development shops, their focus is on the customer's core transformation needs instead of selling their products and services. As such they go far beyond traditional approaches to eLearning, creating flexible, tailored learning experiences on any scale. The alignment is ideal. It's a perfect fit and a mutual love-fest! Here's the text of the official press release: WillowDNA Announces New US Partnership London, U.K. - February 1, 2017 - Today (Wednesday 1st Feb, 2017) leading award-winning eLearning company Willow DNA announced a partnership with Snap Synapse. The agreement between the two companies pairs Willow DNA’s bespoke content development services and

    Feb 02,

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